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Robotic Warehouse Founded by Young Man at Age 22

I received a message from KK a few weeks ago, telling me that he has arranged for a visit to a special warehouse in Malaysia at Subang Jaya. I looked up the company name on the Internet and was instantly amazed by what I saw when I clicked into their official website. PingSpace, a company with an automated robotic warehouse.

I ‘ve always known that there are many cool robotic machines out there with different special functions. When it comes to technology, I think we can all agree that countries like Japan, China, and the United States are far ahead of us. Hence, having seen this robotic warehouse in those countries would not amaze me as much. But to find such a technological automated warehouse in Malaysia, I personally find it rare, but impressive.

Recently, we paid a visit to PingSpace, Subang Jaya as scheduled. You may find that I am stereotyping, because I honestly thought that the founder of this high-tech warehouse would be a middle-aged guy with rich experience in life. However, to my surprise, we were welcomed by a young man when we arrived, who turned out to be the founder of PingSpace.

Meet Di Ken! The innovative founder of PingSpace. Ken established PingSpace in 2018, at the age of 22 years old. Let’s be honest here, how many of us are capable of establishing a robotic warehouse at the age of 22? Well, I am not sure about you, but I know I can’t.

Ken started the company with the objective of setting up micro fulfillment centers over the region, so that they can provide same day delivery to end consumers. In order to achieve high throughput micro fulfillment service, Ken and his team figured that they would need automations. Mainly because automations enable higher efficiency and lower labor cost. However, a complex system is needed to automate a warehouse. Hence, Ken hired around 30 to 40 people to help PingSpace with the building of their entire automated system, which is the Cube system that is now successfully built in their warehouse.

PingSpace’s automated warehouse system is built in a vertical form, where the items are stored inside bins, stacked on top of one another. This helps save a lot of the warehouse’s space as the structure utilizes more vertical space compared to horizontal space.

During the visit, we were given a short tour around the warehouse, and we were also shown how the system works. It was cool to see how the mobile robots moved around above the storage to pick up the needed bins, and then send the bins to the workstation. Not only does this make the process faster, but it also saves lots of manpower. At this point, some of you may be thinking

‘If the bins are stacked on top of one another, how do the robots pick up the lowest bins?’

Well, thanks to Ken’s explanation, we got to know that the robots would work together to pick up the top bins which are not needed and place them to other storages, whereas another robot will pick up the needed bin and send it to the workstation.

Currently, the automations enable one robot to pick up 60 bins in an hour, and PingSpace’s micro fulfillment center can take in 5000 orders per day. To some of us, this rate of efficiency is already remarkably high. However, PingSpace aims for even better. They hope that one robot will be able to pick up 180 bins per hour by the end of next year, which is three times their current performance rate. As for the aspect of micro fulfillment, they hope to achieve around 6000 to 7000 orders per day. Looking at PingSpace’s current rate of success, I believe that Ken and his team will be able to achieve their goal soon.

PingSpace hopes to provide fulfillment service by partnering with all ecommerce sellers out there so that consumers will be able to receive their purchased items as soon as possible. Although there is currently only one micro fulfillment center, Ken believes that there will ultimately be many more around Malaysia which will help contribute to providing quick, efficient delivery. However, to fulfill this mission, PingSpace needs everyone’s help and participation to make this mission a success. Thus, let us all put our hands together and help with the achievement of this mission.

Before ending today’s blog, I would like to highlight that PingSpace is offering fulfillment services for sellers who are looking for zero error and high-speed fulfillment. Do not hesitate to contact Ken via WhatsApp for further queries at 017-427 9663 and at their website .

It is great to see that there are also young innovative Malaysians who are working hard to improve the various industries in Malaysia through automations and robotics. With all these innovations, I believe that Malaysia will soon be at par with many other technologically advanced countries.

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