One of my best friends insists I must watch Stephen Chow - The New King of Comedy. He claimed that although the rating of this new movie is so - so, the movie is for people like me. I take it as a compliment although it sounds like a joke when he says it to me.

He is 100% right. The movie is for people like me. I laugh and cry in the cinema, alone because there is a lot of resemblances. If you haven't watch this movie, go to the cinema first. There are many spoilers in this blog.

The world is so unfair. China seller selling cheap and having preferential services from marketplaces. Your product does not have any significant advantage which you can be proud of. All your hard work is copied by other sellers. Bad reviews from crazy consumers. When you want to seek help and some opportunity, the people will step on you. It is just so hard when even everybody is looking down on you. Others who did not do much become successful top sellers. Marketplace just wanna steal your customer data.

After all these sufferings, you will connect to the key actress in this movie. Of all those dirt and harsh treatment threw on her, she just goes on with a smile. She will fight tooth and nail for any opportunity. No salary, never mind, just give me a pack of economy rice. You can step on her, yet she will not be angry or felt humiliated, she just keeps going! eCommerce is challenging and It will only be tougher in the future. Remember, at the darkest times, what is crucial is not really about the product or strategy or how much you know. It is the heart and attitude which matters.

It's about you taking insults from customers and still react calmly and kindly. Accepting challenges and unfair treatment from suppliers and marketplace, and keep going with a strong heart. Most importantly stay super positive! Fight for any opportunity!

But there is always a silver lining. If you are always super positive, you will start to attract similar people. In the movie, the actress had a friend which is attracted by her positive attitude in facing all adversity. If she is a negative person which is upset with the challenges, will she get this true friend? She won't.

So please stay positive and keep going, because you never knew who can help you in the future!. This is your story and how you write it is up to you!

Then comes the heartbreaking part. Some people will want to take advantage of your weakness. She was scammed by a male which just saying what she want to hear and her best friend which took away her dream and "unfriend" her.

In eCommerce, we are frequently bombarded by fast rich program and scams. People always try to entice you with fake results. They seem to know all your problem and list it down all for you. Then they will say you are the next Jack Ma (in the movie is Bill Gates). They will claim that by learning some exclusive and special training, you will be the next Malaysia Jack in a very short time.

I am very very sorry if you had been scammed before, especially by your most trusted friend. I had my fair share of betrayal as well and I really understand your feelings. The girl was broken by this as anybody and let go of her dream temporarily.

Then, Her unexpected admirer turns up at her house and gets upset when he found out she gave up her dream.

Of all the reasons, he says - "Why do you Surrender ?"

The actress shouted back. "I don't have any chance of winning!"

He said, "Not Surrendering is winning already" and left.

This woke the GIRL. It was also a heartfelt moment for me. I cry in the movie, and also when I write this part.

Her parents although at first provide the impression of not supporting her is actually just too heartbroken by the sufferings their daughter. They also got upset by the words. They kick their daughter out of the house by buying a "First Class Ticket" for her. It was so funny and resemble my parents so much, which is forever worry and yet supportive of my dreams.

Then she went to Beijing and find that all her competitors were actually so real and strong. Everybody has their own classy acts and so hungry for the opportunity. She tries to follow others but failed. Just like eCommerce, if you try to follow other hot sellers, can you win?

She sticks on her passion and got her chance. Similarly. you have to stick and compete on what you are passionate and good at.

KK Commerce had many strong competitors but we will stay on our passion.

Again her parents especially her father crying watching her sufferings was so touching. This is one of the reasons I came back to Ipoh, to at least be able to provide some happiness to my parents, especially for the time I left for Afrika. I hope my daughters will be fine, but it's their dream and future.

Lastly, I know I am a Comedian also, yet I will continue to reach my dream.

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