It's All Up to You ! Not Others.

I am not in Flash Deal or Shocking Sales, because it is only for big sellers. So no chance for a small and new seller like us.

No traffic to my store as my listing don't show in search result because marketplace algorithm is unfair.

After 11 11 and 12 12, no sales. Now is down Period. China price too low. Marketplace bias china sellers. Economy not good! All this is fake and scam. Waste time only.

Have you ever came across these kind of nagging? Or even you have said or taught about it? Or even you have said or taught about it? Hopeless feeling? Blaming everyone aside looking at the mirror?

After receiving negative feedback from the audience, I always try to encourage and provide positive energy to the audience.

So I was thinking to create a real example to encourage those which are feeling low now that everything is possible. But its still UP TO YOU!

How about I show you in real to create a brand new store without capital, but successfully generate good sales in short time? So I plan out this project concurrently to help sellers who are having difficulty in getting the product from the manufacturer in small volume.

Let me share with you my true story of:

Store: SmartSky. First Listing: Jan 17, 2019 Capital: Zero - drop shipping. Product: Flyers with lots of competitors.

Yes like everyone... for the first week, nobody knows and nobody visits the store. (One thing I like about Lazada, the business advisor is available for new seller also. Shopee do not have).

So what will happen if I continue to wait? Zero Right.

So I post an alert on my WhatsApp group to my friends (Chat Group Selling) on Jan 24th evening, 1 week after the listing.

Great, there is a hike of Visitors, but no sales.

Why? No motivation to buy now . Most sellers had a ready stock of flyers. So they just have a view and left. Whether they even remember the store name is also a question.

No problem, I don't give up.

I wrote a blog about the Advantages of Drop Shipping (Content Marketing). It is to GIVE FIRST to the target audience thru my social media network (Social Media Marketing)

Then I wrote a second blog of my adventure on starting a drop shipping store. But this time, I also created a great promotion for my target audience - the sellers and again blast it thru my social media network.

Boom. Another sharp increase in audiences visiting the store. Look at the 2nd Week compare to the 1st-week result.

Finally, I generated my 1st sales in within 3 days I started my marketing strategy. In just 2 days, I generated RM 1249 in Lazada and RM 702 in Shopee. Total Sales Revenue RM1951. I did buy one myself costing RM 80 because I promise to give to the winner of Lazada Club event (Event Marketing).

Did I depend on the marketplace to execute my effort?

NO! It all depends on me!

Same. It UP TO YOU to make it works.

Now Let's Reflect back why it works for me:

A) Store tracking tools in Lazada (Shopee dont have yet for new seller) is a great tool to track if your promotion activities attract visitors. The first objective is to get visitors!

B) Getting visitors need not depend on Lazada or Shopee. You can get your own visitors always! just like a promoter in hypermarket offering you samples.

C) There are so many channels available out of marketplaces. Websites. Social Media Groups. Chats. Instagram. Email and so many more. The Sky is the limit of what you can do (Hence the name of the store SmartSky. You can reference what I did.

D) After you attract visitors, will they buy? In human behavior, customer like to feel a win when they buy. So promotions or best deals is important to convert visitors to buyers. I had not even used the vouchers. Just a great story with a discount will also do the job.

E) All listing comes with the brand SKY5C. If you are curious and search for it on google, you will find the manufacturer website. This also a traffic diverting method to your own websites! (Website SEO)

Why I selected flyers? It is all because I am passionate about engaging sellers and helping eCommerce Industry grow in Perak, Penang, and Malaysia.

Thus if you want to start with a product, start with a product you are passionate about. Don't worry about the competition first. Because if you are passionate about your product, you will have already developed a keen sense of product selection and competitiveness compared to a trader which knew nothing much about the product.

Join the discussion groups on the subject or product you are passionate about. Engage with similar interest people. This will further increase your knowledge of the product.

Then start sharing and contributing to the community. If you did it sincerely, you start to become the Key Opinion Leader. (Influencer Marketing)

Most of the group which I blast my post like this one don't allow promoting. But if you have contribute enough to the group, you might have some leeway if it is for the group benefit. But don't abuse the good will

At this point, some product supplier might engage with you. This flyer manufacturer supported my project because he knew I am active and passionate in this industry.

Then when you finally sell to the audiences which are already familiar with you, your success rate of securing a sales will be much higher. They know you. There is nothing wrong and embarrassing on asking your friends and contacts to support on your passion. They will buy it if they need it.

Thus what I want to tell you today, again and again. It's all up to you. It's never a failure if you keep trying. Don't blame others, it just wastes of time.

You have to believe that.

Psst, there is still so many stuff I can do. My facebook page reach is around 5k to 10k a month. The facebook pixel is linked to my website with visits up to 18k now. I also organize seminars, workshops and etc. What happens if I start my Facebook targeting ads on this audience? Or during the events, I offered only that day promotions for the audiences.

Sky is really the limit. KEEP LEARNING AND BELIEVING!

By the way, if you really benefited from this blog, please support by buying some flyers. Promotion ends 2nd Feb! (Marketing Again)


180 mm X 256 mm = LINK HERE


180 mm X 256 mm = LINK HERE

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