No Holiday FOREVER! Really!!

One thing worse than out of stock for hot selling SKUs in the Marketplace - HOLIDAYS.

Before you scream, hear me out.

When new sellers ask my opinion for selling in marketplaces nowadays, I always asked them to go to Marketplaces Universities, Resources, and Training. Its free and its good resource.

But in all of this, there is a lack of one KEY MESSAGE for new sellers.



If you are planning to close your store for the holiday by just clicking on it, let me warn you again. Please don't think that the store will continue to sells once it reopened.

It definitely won't!

1) It seems that the algorithm is very harsh on holidays. Top selling SKUs appearing in a 1st-page search engine will disappear straight away from the first page to god knows where.

It had happened before. Top SKUs with reviews never recover from a holiday. Once the crown is gone, it's gone.

2) Customers won't wait for your holiday to be over. They will buy from your competitors, leave reviews and subsequently their marks is much higher in the algorithm. They will take away your place in less than 24 hours!

3) It is much harsher than out of stock. Out of stock for 2 weeks when your store is still open, the TOP SKUs can still appear in the first page after relist, although at a lower position. It still has a chance to climb back.

It is far worse when you close your store for 2 weeks, although the outcome to the markets is the same - not selling for 2 weeks.

4) Imagine you have tons of stock for the TOP SKU before you close the store holiday. When you come back from Holiday - you will be stuck with much dead stock!

5) Imagine all your effort of finally able to source for a Hot SKUS, the pain of listing and answering to the difficult customer just for some good reviews, the pain of being overcharge and etc, ALL GONE DOWN THE DRAIN just to take a holiday!

Your Airplane Ticket and Hotels stay will be your smallest cost if you close your store for the holiday.

Have you ever seen 7 Eleven close shop? At this point, you face might turn pale of thinking that you will never be free and have holidays selling in the marketplace.

Staffs and bosses in 7 Eleven take holidays, but never the store.

You can take holiday, but NEVER TAKE HOLIDAY FOR YOUR STORE. All sellers must practice that.

If you are alone seller, go to events. get to know other sellers. Choose wisely and get to know a friend and partner you can trust. At least when you go for holidays, they can fulfill and ship for you.


If you had employees, it is good to have different races, because then all employees can enjoy the big holidays to max when their colleague cover for them.


You can do many other things like getting 3rd party fulfillment and etc if you don't like the above choices. Or beg your mum and dad to fulfill for you.


If you still insist on closing your store for your precious holiday,

Don't come to this blog page. Don't ask us anything. Don't follow our facebook group.

It's not worth my time and I am very upset if you still do it after reading this.

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