Adapting and Maximizing eCommerce in Property and Life.

Charles is a very popular property blogger in and he is one of the inspiration for me to start my blog. I bought my 2nd Property in Bandar Kinrara and his blog is important for me to make the right decision. So when he asked for me to write a guest I blog, I am very happy and honor and this is the blog.

I remembered when I told him that Charles I will start blogging about eCommerce. He encouraged me but mentioned that eCommerce had a very niche target audience and limited content to write. Haha, I just smile, as I beg to differ. eCommerce is in every aspect of our life, covering every perspective possible. If I had the time, I can write 2 blogs every day about it. In fact, Charles Blog is an aspect of eCommerce itself!

Let's look at the property perspective, if you are a property agent, it is about the trust and network. As a property agent, have you ever experienced some of your close friends told you they just sold their million dollar property paying tens of thousand commission, but not into your hands? One of the reasons is because they are not aware of you working in the property Industry, or they are not convinced you are a great agent!

Thru social media, you can market yourself positively and with zero budget to all your friends and families. Don't just post listing or products in popular platforms only because it is selling a property not ourselves. Most people don't like hard sell only. Posts a lot of attractive and genuine happy story of a satisfied customer due to your efforts. Beg your clients to leave good review if they are really happy of your services in your Facebook page. Share their move in joy with you. Solve every problem your customer encounter and Share It!

The story and customer experiences is important in most business, and at times even more than the product itself. Customers want to know they are making ‘the right decision’and it is not just about facts and figures. People also make decisions based on feelings, and feelings are powerful. Sharing your great stores implant the message of your expertise subversively into the minds of your friends, family, and networks. When the opportunity is there, the first person they remember is you! This a Great Read here!

One of the gurus in this matter is Marcus Teoh, the author of "Now and Never" which is the best-selling book in MPH once. I was hypnotized by him, thus if you had the opportunity to join his class, Please do! Link

At times, I saw condominium members washing dirty lines (complaining) on open forums! It only harmed the property value as no future buyer will be interested in problematic condos! In fact, the property management and the tenants should understand the power of eCommerce and market their property well in the social media.

The community need to solve internal problems in a closed-door environment but share all the positive news on a public Facebook page or even website for the property. Announce great activities, new addition, and improvements on the property, not just to increase the satisfaction of the tenant, but also to pull future tenant which will increase the value of the property.

Any buyer before making a purchase on a condo will usually research on the internet. If what he found is a well-managed Facebook page and website, which displayed recent great news and activities and the happy faces of the tenant, I assure you, the value of the property will climb faster than nearby properties which didn't do it. In fact, eCommerce services in Property Industry had such potential market and un-tap. Too bad I had other goals at the moment.

Charles asked, how can a fully employ person start in eCommerce? You basically can start doing it now and the product is yourself! If you are employed, you definitely aspire for promotion and increment. How do you sell it to your boss? Most only depend on that one year review, when the boss had to do for many people in a short time. At that limited time, the employee will fight nail and tooth, (Extreme hard sell) and the boss will resist.

Start selling yourself and your content actively on your social media. Befriend your boss and share any positive news and encouragement. Tag your boss and your team for all the small achievement and thank them for all their contribution. Celebrate others success also with encouraging words. Be your company ambassador and help promote your company positive development to your friends and families. Engage with your boss and company positively!

Again I can assure you, if you are doing it constantly, you will have no issue implanting super strong positive image on your bosses and management mind. During the performance review, even your KPI is not fully meet, the boss will side with you and get the most for you.

This is eCommerce and the product you want to sell is yourself!

Now if you are talking about going out to sell stuff online in Lazada for example, it's a great experience.

But please allow me to start by advising you not to do this just because you are unhappy in your employment, and you are trying to find a way to escape this problem. eCommerce is not the way. In reality, human nature exists in every aspect of the life and eCommerce is not a sanctuary where you can hide from this problem. I did a blog on this matter as well. Link:

In fact, I was the top senior sale manager at Huawei before I left and join eCommerce. This was because my life goal had changed. I and my wife is from Ipoh. Ipoh is a great place and we want to go back to Ipoh to contribute while we still can, not in retire mode. Huawei was not able to help me achieve that.

After some analysis, I believed eCommerce is a way if I wanted to return to Ipoh. Thus I left and did my MBA with a thesis on eCommerce. After my MBA, I went back to Ipoh straight away and start from zero again in eCommerce. My friends did question and laugh at my decisions, but I am absolutely happy and glad to be doing this in Ipoh. That's the main reason why I can persist and stay in this industry for the last 4 years. It is humbling experience and very different from the glamorous life while working with Huawei.

For any new starter, I always say SELL WHAT YOU LIKE. If you like trekking, sell outdoor stuff. If you like drawing, sell art stuff. If you like fishing, sell fishing stuff. If you like it, it is more likely that you will continue when the things are getting tough. Also because you like it, it is much easier for you to be the subject expert. It is much easier to market this product at the same interest customer groups, which are your target audiences, when you are respected as an expert.

Now if you found what you like, start something! Without thinking too much. Just find a product and a supplier which you trust and start selling online. If you buy 10 units of the product, most probably you will get a lower price when buying 1 unit. Then just group the interest of 10 people in your social groups into one order and earn some profit from it.

However register to sell on Marketplaces like Lazada or eBay and ask them to buy thru this platform. This is because their purchases and reviews will be tracked and it can help attracts further new customers. Then you will start to learn about the operation and as those first 10 customer is your friend, they will be more lenient with your mistakes.

In here I always ask those corporate newbies just throw away all the business models, swot analysis and etc. Just go start something fun on what you like and experience it! Passion is the key to starting.

Now after you experienced it and really start to sell something in a bigger scale with more profit, you might want to consider to up the game! Then only bring in the business models, financial planning and etc. At this time, you will be caught in the middle, to continue with your employment or to start on your own business.

In this stage, I will like to congratulate you. At least you had a real choice now. But there is no right answer to that. Continue to be employed is not a wrong choice! Especially if your company boss is great!

But if you want to start on your own business, I again assure you, aside from myself which left a full employment job to chase after my dream, I had seen with my own eyes great success stories. In fact, I had mentored a young girl left her well-paid job and went after her dream. Now she is doing it much better compared to her previous employment as Lazada Ambassador. I had to even beg her to let me invest in her business haha.

But I had also seen people which gave up in the midway and went back to employment. It’s ok. It’s not the end of the world and the experience is for life.

But in the end, it depends only on you. If you are willing to take the risk to chase after your dream, it all comes down to whether if you can have the determination and skill sets to keep going when the goings get tough.

Good Luck!

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