Shopee Ads. Maximizing Keywords with Cost like a Newbie.

Most sellers like it to be efficient. They want to list fast so that more effort is in sourcing, customer service, etc.

To the extreme, big sellers created "5 Step Instruction" with bulk listing templates. Then they sign up legions of drop shipper, providing this drop shippers with the tools to list a large amount of listing in very short time. It does not take much effort and in a very short time, you see thousands of similar listing on marketplaces.

The last episode ended with a happy "Long Island” seller. Sorry, I will need to break the dream. IT WON"T LAST LONG. If you are the product owner, it last longer. If you are a re-seller, it will attracts the wolves once they smell the blood.. Good Listings be swarmed with legions of OEM Long Island sellers (Big sellers and drop shipper) from cheaper source.

In Shopee, once the Category is swarmed with established sellers, new local sellers are at a greater disadvantage compared to Lazada in terms of just listing appearance in:

1. Preferred sellers tag. In Lazada regardless if you are new, you won't be differentiated in such way.

2. Source of Product. The audience will have a harder time differentiating overseas seller and local seller. Lazada you can see it immediately.

3. Title. Truncated title in the title for Shopee with ... Lazada font allowed the full title to be displayed.

4. The loves. Ratings are sufficient to differentiate the sellers. The additional Loves rating just further giving the advantage to establish sellers.

But, USING Shopee Ads, local new sellers can be in the top 5. Thus Shopee Ads is CRITICAL for New Sellers or New Listings.

But how?

Shopee Ads is all about keywords. In this blog, I will put myself as a newbie desperate for some clicks and ranking.

So here I started with a product I am not familiar. I just select the smartphone I am using now - Huawei Nova 2i. It comes with a Transparent Case which is quite brownish now and I like to change one.

Since I am a newbie, my title will most probably be "Huawei Nova 2i Transparent Case” right?

Now the question is how will I know this keyword is relevant and widely searched by the audiences? My English also so-so only and I couldn't think of other keywords.

Shopee Ads offered quite an impressive data of keywords. Actually, there are websites which charged you on keywords recommendation on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Again Shopee does not charge anything on it, while Lazada kept it secret.

So as I newbie, I create a listing. Then I accessed the ads portal and selected this listing.

Here comes the page. Shopee will encourage you to select all keywords for maximum impression to increase the click thru rate. Well, they earn when audiences clicks. They don't earn when you sell.


There is a lot of option. Of course, base on common sense, the most popular keyword is Huawei at 16k search volume for bidding of RM1.2.

Before you select, try to be an audience yourself and search this keyword in Shopee. This picture appeared. The organic listing in 1st page is all Huawei Smartphone of various models. Why? It means historically, Audience is looking for Huawei Smartphones when they are using this keyword! If a customer hasn't decided on the model, they most probably won't purchase on the accessories. For my preference, I won't bid for this keyword.

TIP 2: Check the organic listing to indicate consumer preference when using this keyword.

Next keyword will be Huawei Nova 2i at 10k search with bidding cost RM2.2. First, why is it more expensive than Huawei keywords? It is because the success rate of sales is higher here, thus more competition for this keyword.

Should I bid for this keyword? Well, it depends.Let me search for this original title "Huawei Nova 2i Transparent Case"

This page is shown. Product price range around for CLEAR casing is RM5. RM 2.2 keyword is 50% of RM 5. Thus keyword "Huawei Nova 2i" keyword is too expensive of this product!

TIP 3: The cost of marketing need to be reasonable compared to product selling price

Lets set 10% of RM5 = RM0.5 as marketing cost. Having a 10% conversion rate, 10 Click Thru will produce 1 Sales. Each click thru budget will be only RM0.05. HAHA

TIP 4: The lower selling price of a product, the harder to buy a keyword. Hence it is harder for Newbies to sell low price product if you do not have volume and connection.

But do not despair, if you had stock now. I will show you have to get the impression, good ranking and click thru with minimal cost.

To continue, from the above page, I checked the seller listings and noted down all the keywords mentioned

This is the keywords I found and noted:

Huawei Nova 2i TPU Anti Shock Transparent Protective Back Case MATTE Soft Cover LuxuryTPU Casing Air Bag Slim Shockproof Bumper Antidrop Case

Now I mix and match different keyword to search in the add keyword page to analysis the quality of the keywords, the number of searches and bidding price.


1) "android soft cover huawei nova 2i" at RM0.03 with a search volume of 360

2) "nova 2i android soft cover" also at RM0.03 with search volume 164

3) "case android soft cover huawei nova 2i" with search volume 92 at RM0.03

4) "case nova 2i android soft cover" at RM0.03 with search volume 93

5) "huawei nova 2i android hard cover" at search volume 237 at RM0.03. Although the product is soft, who knows when a consumer while searching hardcover will change his mind for soft cover?

TIP 5: Just be creative and test around. Who knows there are hidden easter eggs around.

Then for:

“nova 2i casing” suggested bidding price of RM0.4, I bid at RM0.2

TIP 6: You can try bidding lower. Few ranking below at much lower cost is worth the effort at times.

As a newbie, this time I try to be creative and have a different format title than others haha. It is ok as in Shopee ads, you bought the keyword. So by referencing to the keywords I discover - I have this title.

Ultra Thin Anti-Shock & Anti-Dust High Quality TPU Silicone Huawei 2i Case at RM7.65

TIP 7: If your title does not have the keyword you bought, it will still appear, so can try maximizing other keywords which you did not bid in the title.

So the result for 2 days : -

Impression: 108, Clicks: - 4, Good Average Ranking. Cost - RM0.46

But no Sales Yet!

Wee solve the problem of exposure using Shopee ads. By bidding keywords smartly, you can target the right customer with the lowest cost.

However from Part 2 Blog, we had explained that even if you are at the top 5, if others listing is better and cheaper than your listing, customers won't fall for it.

You need to find your Key Selling Point.

Once you had the Key Selling point, then you can avoid just fighting on price and compete with your "Soul Power" - Creativity & Differentiation.

In my book, there is 4 Level of Soul Power.

Level 1 - First 3 Second Soul Power

It is the first thing the audience sees in the marketplaces, among at least 10-20 competitors at the same time. This soul power will be able to attract more Clicks on it - hence the high click thru rate. However, this is highly duplicable, except for reviews or title awarded (for example "Preferred" by Shopee).

Level 2 - Next 1-minute Soul Power

After the audience clicks on the listing, he will go into your control zone with minimal noises from the competitor. In this 60 sec, this soul power help increased the possibility of customer purchasing hence the high conversion rate. All the info is also easy to be copied by your competitors

Level 3 - Next 3 minute Soul Power

Now the chances of conversion are reasonably high at this stage. However, the customer still wants to know more. This soul power further improves the conversion rate by having solid marketing coverage from all angle. The strategy here is not easy to duplicate, although competitors might still sense it if they look hard enough.

Level 4 - Infinite Soul Power

This Soul Power in this deepest level is invisible to the competitors. Customers are just buying from you regardless. This is pure brilliant marketing.

This blog will only focus on Level 1, First 3 Second Soul Power

Some of the Soul Power method for Listing Photo after you identify your key selling point in you your listing from Part 1.

a) Display Creative logos on your key selling point. Limited to one best or max two logos only. Having too many will confuse the audience. In this example, we used a clear and strong log on the pic to inform audience ours is heavier, more stable.

b) Free Gifts can be also good Selling Point! Include the Free gifts in the photo and inform the audience of the free gift value. Try not to use non-sellable SKUs which is of no value to the audience as free gift. A good example, A classic guitar with an "Exclusive Maroon 5" guitar tick.

c) Solutions which is most convenient to consumers! With the free shipment at RM30, I really dislike buying from the seller at the price of RM25 till RM30. This is because if I bought at RM25, I had to pay RM5 shipment which is equal to RM30!. Thus I had to find something else to increase the price to RM30 – RM 35 and it is a hassle. So at every possibility, round up your listing Ngam Ngam at RM 30 (now different). It helps the buyer conveniently. s.

d) Bundling is great, but don’t just bundle for the sake of bundling. Help customer color match or product match so that they can see it clearly. A creative shirt looks great on black pants. A series of matching color from apparel to helmet to gloves for a cycle is very eye-catching. Most common is Smartphone Cover bundling with Screen protector. So many ways to provide value to the customer by removing their need to search for a compatible product.

However there is one most important factor here. A lot of sellers had finally captured a good market with their top SKUS. But they squandered it just of one silly mistake.

Why the best sellers had their SKUs on the top of the ranking? They bought a lot (Price Advantage) to ensure this does not happen even if there is spike in sales or delay in shipment and clearance.

Please again, it is for TOP SKUs only, not all SKUs.

What if can’t sell? Sellers frequently ask.

Then I will ask. What if can sell and much better than now? If you had 100 buyer buying from you daily now, what happened to 100 buyers if you out of stock? Wait for you hahaha.. They will go to your competitor next second

If your reason is that you allocated money for new SKUs to expand the business, I will then ask what is the success rate of new SKUs in your procurement? Which risk is higher, putting cash in securing top proven SKUS, then in new unknown SKUS?

Read more at this blog:

At the end, I want to reassure you is that in any Sales, Retail or Online, Price is a strong factor.

But it is the most easiest to duplicate. Big volume and high efficiency always bullies the small newbies in price war.

Alternatively, fighting the battle using creativeness and brand power is a choice also if you are losing the price battle.

Trust me. I had discuss and show sellers which had asked my help and it worked for them. Still need more evidence? Check out the 5 Stars I get in hehe

If you are CURIOUS on the The Level 2 Soul Power & above, it cannot be explained easily in blog. Only after understand your business deeper, then I can perform the magic which connects to your business.

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