How to Get 15X ORGANIC REACH After Facebook Change.

After Mark announcement on Facebook major change on Jan, this is KK eCommerce Facebook Business Page statistics:

  • Our page to date had 381 likes

  • In Dec, our monthly Organic Reach is 730. It increased each month and by month of Mac, our Organic Reach grew by 15X, hence the Title of this blog

  • In Mar, our monthly total reach is 11531, which is 30X of our likes.

  • We had 15 posts this month, and on average each post generates 768 organic reach, which is near to 200% of the page likes

  • Our recent Blog Post, generated 1341 organic reach which is 350% of our page likes

Please don’t be fool by the title and assume that I am an expert in Facebook Marketing. I am actually a student in this field.

At the beginning of this blog, the target audience is marketplace sellers, hence the heavy percentage of content is about what I learned. Then recently I expanded the content to more general audiences, by sharing what I learned from successful business.

The third approach is from the perspective as a student in Facebook and social marketing, seeking help and advice. In the learning process, I will share my plans and actions, questions and reflections. Such blog will be once a month. This is the first blog.

First reflection. Keep Learning. I strongly believe that we can’t be expert in everything. But one needs to be knowledgeable in the related field in order to reduce the gap with real experts. Then we can communicate with them effectively on our objectives. Else either we bulldoze the expert opinion as we are paying them, or we are too dependent on them and paying much more than needed.

Outsourcing is not letting go your problems. You need to understand your objectives clearly and had built sufficient management, communication skillets and knowledge base in the field. Then you let the expert do their work to achieve it in shortest time and minimum cost possible, with maximum result.

The second reflection, you need a critical mindset. If an expert claimed something, please do not accept it blindly. In the expert context, he might be right. However, if it is out of his context, he might be totally wrong, and a critical mindset can sense it during the discussion.

In this critical mindset mode, I sensed that it doesn’t sound right when some Expert declared Organic reach on Facebook is dead after the Facebook change.


If you analyze Mark statement, there is no indication of Organic Reach being purge from Facebook.

It is all about their most valuable assets, their users.

Users complained that their Facebook feeds are not what they want to read nowadays.

Facebook had somehow turned into a TV broadcast, users are bombarded by advertisement and non-related contents.

Users SHOULD see a content in their feed only when they really want to see it. Period. Mark wanted Facebook to achieve this, and not chasing after just revenue and shareholder approval.

This is my interpretation of Mark statement.

Now next question, can Organic Reach grow? Why can't it grow if we don't pay for it? It just doesn’t sound right that we must pay for this. It is not what Mark is saying totally.

Third reflection. One need curiosity, especially when you are learning, to investigate what the expert said.

Thus, on this question; I set the scope of my plan to find out an answer:

  • No paid ads or whatsoever advertisement. Not on Facebook page or blogs.

  • No buying likes thru gifts or offers.

  • Target audiences were those involved in eCommerce

  • Engaged with comments and audiences genuinely and immediately.

  • The strategy was to engage eCommerce players which is always interested in good eCommerce content thru own or others content.

Hence in the past 3 months, readers had to bear with my contents which had a lot of grammatical error. Again I apologize if any of it offended you.

The result is as above. The conclusion is:

Organic reach is not dead. In fact, it has much potential as it is free, and it helps improve Facebook values by delivering real good stuff to the users.

Now as a student, I really welcome and hope that readers or expert object and counter this argument. Just shoot. I can take anything, after having people laughing at my face literally.

How did we achieve this?

The 3 reflections on my behavior are the first explanation on how we did it.

Other than that:

1. I just kept writing what I like. The first blog was very hard. The second blog was easier. Now I can write what in my mind easily. Practices helped.

2. Thick face. The posts using my face as cover photo and other spicy stuff, also helped on the reach. The concern in embarrassing myself is of out of my consideration. As long as the content was engaging, I am willing to try it out.

3. Thick face X 2. Reaching out. I didn’t just limit the posting to my Facebook page. I reached out to many eCommerce discussion groups by sharing my blogs. I had to beg some group administration to be accepted. I tried to help as much as I could. I then identified the hot questions on these groups, did a blog on it and share it.

4. Thick face X 3. First, I identified successful business or person which I can learn from. Then I approached them and share our meetings on Facebook. Now I even try to date them for a sharing session. Some might have felt that I am riding on the successful person, but I think its ok from a teenager perspective. It is just like chasing Idols. I am just a teenager in heart chasing my idols and share it on Facebook to gather reach ha-ha.

5. Don’t take it personally. Definitely, there were people which do not agree with what I am doing. I thank them for their comments and apologize if they were offended. I try to improve if I can. I also continued doing what I felt right and just be myself.

6. Engage with my audiences genuinely and help as much as I could. I think my rating of 5 stars as below link from my supporters (Thank you again for that) help the reach also.

PS: If you like this blog, please like my page and give a review. That will make my day!

7. Possibly is it because the page likes number is small, that’s why it is easier to get more reach. Is it because my likes are quality likes from real supporter which engage with me? Also, the groups which I share my posts had few thousands of page likes, which help. Those groups are super active. So is it good in getting more likes and not focusing on quality?

Other than that, what I did is clearly shown in Felt free to analyze it and tell me what I did right or I get it totally wrong. As a student, I might not notice it myself?

Now the next challenge is how to apply this learning experience commercially with my members? Let me plan on it and share it in my next blog.

Lastly, I had the hunch that Organic Reach is one the most key factor in measuring performance. Why? Organic Reach is free thus it is much harder. It indicates genuinely how good the content is, without the noise of Money.

It is not about buying votes. It’s about getting the votes genuinely from the people by doing good stuff. Isn’t this make Organic Reach more important?

Hidup Malaysia!

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