4 Reasons Why KK Needs Content Copy Writing.

When I was young, my father would tell me that my grandfather was a writer. My grandfather and I communicated in Malay because he only spoke and wrote Mandarin and I, English. But that didn’t stop me from wanting to be like him – a writer. After years of freelancing throughout my high school and university days, I finally established my company called The Red Pen to do copy writing, content writing and editing. Then I found out that my father was joking all this time. My grandfather was a writer but he only wrote down numbers (bookie). That’s a story for another time though.

I met Mr. KK alias kita kongsi, one morning at a business referral meeting called BNI and took an immediate liking to this loud, friendly and easy-going guy. Outgoing and warm by nature, his manner made my introverted-self feel comfortable immediately. After some small talk and introductions, he directed me to his blog (this website you’re currently on. Awesome stuff by the way) and asked me to have a look and consider how I, as a writer, could help him.

As I read the first article that popped up, I’m not proud of it but the grammar Nazi in me started cringing at certain parts and my judgmental-self started taking over.

He can’t even use past tenses correctly.”


“God I don’t understand what this sentence means.”

Actually, I could understand what he was saying. It was just the bad grammar that was putting me off and making me turn my nose down at it. In fact, the things he shared concerning e-commerce are very informative, some of it brilliant and I am sure that his large number of readers would agree. I’m sure KK never intended for people to go “eek!” at his writing. Why though, was I still put off? Why did I cringe when reading?

I would like to point out that this, is why good writing is essential for you. Whether you are in a traditional business or e-commerce business, good writing could mean someone reading and leaving or reading and staying. Close deal. Ka-chinggggg!!!

So here’s why you should hire a copy and content writer (preferably me, duh!) and why it’ll be the single, best decision you can make for your business.

1. Judgmentalism (not an actual word but you get what I mean)

There is a large, growing number of people online who judge people, companies, products and services based on the grammar they use. It may be self-imposed superiority because their first language is English or the standard of English taught in schools have gone down for other people but these group of people definitely turn their noses down on products and services based on bad grammar.

Things this group will say:-

“China things not good quality.”

“Can’t even use tenses well, how to trust their product?”

“I died a little inside when I read her product description. What is she talking about?”

A copywriter and content writer will help you say bye-bye to grammar mistakes while driving organic traffic to your website.

2. Capture attention.

Being in an e-commerce world, the number of competitors in this world can be quite overwhelming. What makes you different from your competitors? How can you capture the attention of people? How do I make users stay on my page longer therefore increasing the chances of them buying my product?

Forget it if you are boring. Consumers do not like boring. They want fun and interesting. Sometimes they want to be persuaded. Other times they want more information. You can’t do it in person. All they see is your online platform and that is where good writing comes in. Good copywriters and content writers are able to build interest and capture the attention of people so they stick around longer.

3. You’re too close to the topic

Since you work in the industry, you’re probably very close to it and sometimes when you’re too close to your industry, you do not realize how confusing the words you use (jargon) are to those who aren’t. When buyers land on your page, you do not want them to get confused. In fact, you want people to be able to understand your product as soon as possible without them having to do extra research. People are inherently lazy. I certainly am. I would not buy from you if I do not understand your products and if your jargon is confusing me.

Great writing is able to describe your products and services in a clear and concise manner without much use of jargon. Hitting the target every single time is essential. Let the not-so-lazy people come to you for information.

4. Leave time for other, more pressing business

The truth is, not everyone will be able to produce brilliantly-written, relevant, valuable and entertaining content. Most people I know spend an hour typing and deleting, typing and deleting just for a Facebook page caption. How long more would you spend on an informative or entertaining piece? Wouldn’t you rather spend those hours on something else, like a cup of coffee? If not a cup of coffee, wouldn’t you rather spend more time on other aspects of your business?

Creating engaging content can take up a significant amount of time. However, copywriters and content writers are able to write excellently quickly while still hitting the mark every single time.

So yes, don’t discount the value of how a great piece of writing can drive up organic traffic to your website. In this age where quality content is king, a good writer will be the best decision you can make for your business. Of course, there are other major elements that will help you grow your e-commerce website, such as tactics found on this blog so please keep tuning in for more updates.

I am a fan and avid reader of the tips and tricks Mr. KK has so generously shared on this blog and I definitely hope to come on as a guest writer again sometime soon. Till next time!

Tiffany Oon, The Red Pen

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