Reflection deep inside an Ipoh eCommerce activist.

Finally, back to blogging after a hectic Chinese New Year. This blog, I will not be sharing on knowledge, but what is deep inside me, which had been in my mind all this CNY.

Past blogs were my sharing of what I did right for corporate clients and entrepreneur clients. These blogs shared how I help entrepreneur clients increase 4X and corporate client 3X sales and profit within 12 months. By now you should had guessed correctly that my clients were sellers in marketplace such as Lazada and Amazon.

Logically, the audiences which can connect to these blogs personally are online marketplace sellers. Rest assure, there will be many upcoming good articles sharing on what I know.

Please allow me to share some observation from clients and majority of the audiences which talked to me. Most had one trait.

They are unwilling to share their store name and the products initially. Do you have that concern as well?

In marketing generally, if you are selling something, you want as many people to know about your store and your products and create a trend for people to chase after your hot products. Right?

So why the unwillingness of sharing?

From the feedback, one of the major reason is that we are traders. We sourced no brand or common product which can be re branded easily and sell online. Price is the major factor here.

Thus, we are worried that after somebody know about our store and hot selling products, they will copy our artworks and content in our store and sell similar item in their store. Worse case if some rich guy source our hot product in bulk, and engage with us in a PRICE WAR and then squeeze us out of the market! We don’t want our neighbors to be our competitors.

Is there no other way out?

Then, there are a small batch of audiences who OBJECTED to my blogs, as these blogs do not discuss much on Branding and Differentiation Strategy. In a similar way these audiences similarly hated the PRICE WAR presented by common and no brand products.

To this small audiences, it will be to their surprise that I am from this perspective as well. As Huawei Head of Fix Devices Sales and Marketing previously, I played on differentiation, branding and customer relationship and engagement. I never compete on price, and my portfolio achieved highest profit margin in Malaysia and South Pacific, hence the awards below.

But there are many paths to Rome. In my MBA, I learned that offering basic value to customer at a low price by operating in high efficiency and effectiveness is a competitive advantage by itself. There is many business success case such as low-cost airlines hence the No-Frills’ Strategy. But try not to stuck in the middle. Of course we combine both values to achieve Differentiation with Cost Advantage.

I had tried out Differentiation strategy. But How about Low Cost or even both value combine strategy? So, after graduation, I am very curious on testing these No-Frills business models in eCommerce sales and seek out clients with such strategy. I applied my 10 years large scale mobile phone service operation in Motorola and Nokia on their business model. Together with their trust, we succeeded in achieving great results.

But these clients and majority of the blog audience which I engaged are resistant to invest outside the normal source -> listing -> sell -> fulfil cycle.

In order to introduce new competitive advantage, you need gained your team trust so that they believe in it. I think I had done it by now. Some of the clients had agreed to expand to differentiation and branding. Yahoo!!!

Now you don’t change a good recipe when it produces great result. So, we will keep the successful model and team. I will try to create a new project team in Ipoh to emphasize on differentiation, branding and marketing with cost leadership.

Prior to this, I had ventured into Facebook and content marketing starting 2nd Half 2017, hence this KK Ecommerce (Kita Kongsi Ecommerce). In just 4 months, I experienced the power of social and content marketing thru my blogs. Content marketing on the right audiences had help me achieve top organic SEO for my target keywords in Google & Facebook. If you search ‘Ipoh Ecommerce’ or ‘Ipoh Coworking’, KK Ecommerce will appear on the first page of the search in Google and Facebook without using paid ads. Not a bad effort I guess.

Yet, I don’t want to do everything myself as it will be crazy right? But I am reluctant to hire people and expand the organization. Integrating my past experience with my MBA, employment and subsequently managing employees had fundamental flaws which cannot be resolved by good HR alone.

A person with the huge fire inside him/her, and the right skill sets to do something, will not be bound by rules and accepted practices. These people dare to bet on their dreams. Such type of talent is crucial in future. But yet when complexity increase in an organization due to growth, this type of talent shrink. Great article here from Harvard Business Review

From the initial aim of creating a co-working place to work flexibly, my objective had changed. Can I build a co-working place with very high collaboration which maximize below new method? My objective is to increase this pool of high talented individuals in Ipoh eCommerce and entrepreneurs can collaborate to compete with the world!

Source: World Economic Forum

So, my future blogs will include my journey in this development. I hope that it can be a good reference to single or small group of people in getting the needed resources and expertise to fight for their dream. It will be kind of documentation for my aspiration in my Phd if possible haha.

Additionally, after engaging with some key players in the industry, there are many good inspirations around. I will also try to blog once a month regarding a person.

Some people ask me why I am doing this? Is it for money or fame?

Partly, as I am also just a human.

But there is something very disturbing to me, which is the inequality of the wealth distribution. 70% of the humans accounted to only 2.7% of wealth, while 0.7% of humans accounted to 46% of wealth. This had widened over the years.

Source: The Guardian

I fully support difference in income, based on a person values and contribution to the society. It creates competition which make human as a whole stronger. But it is off balance if it is distorted so far from normal distribution of wealth.

Money alone cannot be the purpose of my life. Inside me, I REBEL against the thought of 70% of humans is in disadvantage position. I don't want to just donate to the poor. I want to make a difference.

However insignificant, I want to try to find a part of the solution if not the whole. Call me a sentimental fool, I want to meet my maker at the end and tell him I try my best to make human as a whole better, however small the result. No regrets.

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