DFTZ Goes LIVE and Jack Ma

Small is Beautiful. Small is Powerful. Jack Ma, 3rd November 2017. These words reignite and refuel my passion in Ipoh Ecommerce, a feeling which cannot be describe in words.

Yes, I went to the DFTZ Goes Live event in F1 Sepang on 3rd November 2017, under the invitation from MDEC for idol hunting haha.

I know about DFTZ since the media talk about Jack Ma involvement in Malaysia since last year November. Subsequently Jack Ma visit to Malaysia on March 2017 to announce the DFTZ has captivated my imagination of future possibility. I had set an objective, that regardless of the obstacles, I must be part of DFTZ.

But then I never export form Malaysia. My ecommerce experience is in shipping from China to UK sell in Ebay, Amazon and to sell locally in Maaysia Lazada, 11th Street and Shopee. It is too late for me to start manufacturing. So in thick face mode, I approached various small manufacturing company in Ipoh (which were DFTZ target), motivate them to go to DFTZ talks, having PanPages representative (they had an office) to visit them. Most of them had one worry, no manpower or knowledge to do it. Thus here I volunteer, I will be with them and do it for them. They do need to worry about the cost as if they don’t earn anything, I don’t earn anything. This had help seal now my manufacturing partner participation in DFTZ, and finger cross finally accepted into DFTZ and subsequently invited into this event.

I arrived at Venue around 1pm, after coming up from Ipoh. And as in fate, the MDEC representative in our group, Carol was there to welcome us. The other friend which I get to know today is Vinston in the photo. Speaking of MDEC, they had really done a great job on DFTZ, and to pull in 1.9k SME. Carol, as their representative is well known and praise by the ecommerce community as the “Queen of Ecommerce”. She is so ever good smiling, willing to help and giving good advice and motivation even she meet you for the first time. For me, if there is one person you need to know in Ecommerce in Malaysia, it’s had to be Carol.

I know it by experience, in my journey to be involve in DFTZ, I had went to talks and seminars hold by MDEC and partners. However one of the obstacles is that there is no DFTZ talk held in IPOH! It was hard to get people to go up to KL to listen to something which they had not heard before. So I wanted to invite MDEC and their partners to Ipoh to give a talk and approached Carol in a conference directly. She immediately say YES! And she was so supportive and even work with me on the plans and replying my message in 2 AM! I wonder if she ever sleep.

After greeting Carol, we proceed to the reception table, open the event apps in our smartphone (a mobile apps created and provided by the function) and show them our tag and then we are accepted. This is me having event apps first time. Kudos hahah. Before we went into hall, there was one big map of DFTZ as below.

Then we went into the hall. I am in thick face mode again and my truly objective today is to meet Jack Ma. So we selected the first row after the reservation area at the centre beside the red carpet. It is like 7th row from where Jack Ma sits. Vinston is so kind to let me sit at the most corner of the row. Luckily we went in early, as later, attendees are not allow to go in until later stage. But they didn’t kick us out and thanks for the courtesy. To Carol, I am very sorry if we get you into trouble for this hahah.

And later It was so full and pack that people keep coming trying to sit at the reserve area and I had to witness some drama when MDEC representative had to stop them. Anyhow I had to thank the MDEC guy in doing a great job as it was such a difficult job rejecting people which claim that they are worthy of the reserve seats. In one time I was worried that we will be asked to give our place to this VIPs, but they never did it. Phew

So then the MC went up to stage and informed that Jack and Najib had arrive… but wait a minute, not in the SIC (Sepang International Circuit) like us. They are in the DFTZ ground breaking ceremony and visit to the state of the art warehousing facilities in it. WTF!!? I wanted to swear, but luckily then the MC informed that they will come to SIC later and there was live show of Jack Ma progression. Hey then I think it was not a bad deal, as we were able to sit comfortably watching close up of the event, which was not possible if we were there personally. Kudos to this arrangement by MDEC again.

Then the final moment came.

My heart was beating so fast when they announced Jack Ma had arrived. I was like a teenager chasing an Idol.

There is it finally! They walk towards me.

The contingent Najib and Jack walked just pass beside me, without anybody blocking. I was able to see Jack Ma face as closely as ever possible, right in front of me. He is shorter than me, but his aura is incredible! Again it is hard to describe the feeling. It happened very fast as they were not stopping for handshakes – a pity, as I was again in thick face mode with my hands readily out. But still I thank the heaven for me to capture a clear shot of my IDOL working towards me!

The event started with very good speeches from MDEC CEO, Yazmin, Jack Ma and then Najib. I won’t elaborate more as their speeches is with the media and should be published by now.

Then Najib and Jack signed on a gold momento of this function and auction it in China! It started from CNY 1103 (todays date) and the auction last only 1 minute. They show the real time of the auction submission and it was very exiting the numbers keep increasing. After the final count 1 minute, the winning bid is CNY 191,103!!!

Different from other event, this time they arrange a 30 minutes discussion with Najib and Jack Ma. Question was asked not directly from the audience, but selected previously. I am not sure if Najib and Jack had known the question in advance, but Jack had been always brilliant in answering question in the past. I didn't take any picture as too immerse in the discussion. There were few moments I was touched by Jack Ma in this talk:

a) During beginning stage of Alibaba, my people asked me why we don’t target big corporates. If we get one big corporate to use our services, we can manage for 1 year, and if we can have 10 big corporate customer, we can be secure in our future. I say NO. If we had big customer, if they fail or switch, we are in trouble. But there is thousands of SMEs which need this and will always be there. Alibaba vision is to serve the SMEs by providing the same platform and technologies to the SMEs, which is previously only available to big player. SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL, SMALL IS POWERFUL.

​b) If me and my founders in a small apartment can be successful 80% of the entrepreneur out there can be successful. But to be successful, you cannot be silly for just 3 month of 1 year, it has to be 10 years. There is so many other interesting going, and you had to focus on what you believed.

c) 60% of the Jobs in next generation is not created now. Our generation is still ok, but next generation need to be adaptive to this. Past education method is not enough anymore. New Generation need to have 3Q, the EQ, IQ and finally LQ (Love Quality). They need to put passion and collaborate with others and control the robots – Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence and robots will be better in than humans in the future, but in many ways, human will be better than AI which is the LQ. The Future Generation need to prepare for that.

d) The changes is coming, whether you like it or not. If you take it as a challenge, it will become a great opportunity. IF you resist, it will still come.

All this words in the event itself, was magical and priceless. Really it is different from watching Jack speeches in youtube. The environment, the enthusiasm of the crowd made such a difference in personal experience. It had fuel a person passion and to motivate the person to do something immediately. Guys in Ipoh, We had to collaborate and lets be in our community to share, and grow together. It is us competing with the outside world, not within ourselves.

For that I will like to conclude this blog of experience, and thank you Carol, MDEC and Malaysia form making this happening.

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