HOW TO ORGANIZE an eCommerce Event in Ipoh

Recently I attended an event in Ipoh, hosted by a multinational company. I am always grateful for those multinational companies which are willing to host event and invite speakers to share their knowledge and solutions with Ipohans. For us to attend similar event in Kuala Lumpur alone, we need to spend at least RM100 for transport. Usually we will take a Train at 530am and back at evening 10pm, a total of more than 6 hours of journey!

Thus I had been very thick face and asking around speaker to come to IPOH even IN OPEN CONFERENCE in open conference. Imagine the savings if 10 of us attending the event in Ipoh, we saved minimum RM1000 and 60 manpower hours! However often the answer I get was that nobody interest to attend in Ipoh! WHAT????

So I was much delighted when I was alerted of this event in a WhatsApp group from a group of people in eCommerce Industry which is FREE. At first impression, it was a bit strange as I received this notification 1-2 week before the event. Additionally when I tried to search online for this event, there was no information on it either. What I had was a web link to register my intention to attend.

MMMMM, So I thought this was a private event and to be courteous, I contacted the PIC and checked if I could join. He graciously accepted my thick face request. Happily I shared with the community members. Although I am not sure, I sold to the members that surely there will be speakers from other service provider and perhaps free lunch so they must attend! Sorry guys!

On that day, we arrived and true enough, there were speakers from other multinational service provider such as Ebay Malaysia for example. Aside the free lunch, there was even free breakfast and free gifts! We receive a lot of information as well. I make friends with the attendees and the speakers and we enjoyed the event.

However surprisingly, our group is the largest, and there is only around 3 other company which is currently the event organizer existing customers. Some registered but did not come. I was expecting a much bigger crowd from this well known organizer.

So is it true is that Ipohans is not interested? Am I wrong to think that there are much people like our community exploring eCommerce. After debating with my friends, we had some summary.

1. Of course the obvious reason is lack of publicity and shouts out. Our best guess is that the organizer afraid that there is too many people to attend. However the results show that if you want to do it Ipoh, YOU NEED TO DO IT BOLDLY! You can only worry about not enough people and not having too much people.

2. Don't limit the invitees to existing customer. SUCH EVENT SHOULD FOCUS ON ACQUIRING NEW CUSTOMER ALSO! Seeks out customer that might need your services in social media, communities and etc. Ask them to invite their friends which is interested.

3. For Ipohans, I will like to say this, eCommerce events recommended by this community will not be those events which focus on brainwashing you to believe that you will get rich in short time, nor there a pack of marketing wolves looking to force you to sign on something you don’t want. If ever that is the case, I will lead to complain on stage and invite everybody to leave immediately with me. This is my promise.

4. For Ipohans, Please supports such event if you are in eCommerce or you are interested to do it. I had spent much attending similar events in other location, and having the event in Ipoh is VERY CONVENIENT AND COST SAVING, and you got to ask the service provider tough question and problem faced in your business directly! The only way we can encourage more to come to Ipoh are to support such events!

5. For future Service Provider, humbly, PLEASE ENGAGE US! We will personally reach our members and Ipoh people to come. When the people came to an event, we will try to engage them as much as possible, so we become friends in a real community. Step by step, our community can grow and equip ourselves better to compete in the brutal eCommerce world outside Ipoh.

Now I do understand it is hard to organize a eCommerce event in Ipoh. But then we will not give up. We just need to keep on improving, grow our community and together we can obtained more resources and support the whole of Ipoh eCommerce Community.

PS, We are trying our best to organize our first event and we hope to do better with your support.

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