Sharing is Hard Part 2!

Sharing is so hard nowadays that when I approached a person telling him that I want to share, the first expression on their face is normally disbelief, and mostly showed heightened suspicious. You can’t blame them as currently the media is hot with the Money Game Scandal, whereby their selling pitch is eerily very similar - “We want to help you, share with you the success and let’s be rich together”. I would react in the same way, or even worse.

However, I need to do this because online business is not that easy. It is a complex game and diversified into so many disciplines. Come-on, what do you expect from an industry which worth 2 trillion USD business volume in 2017. Just to glimpse the complexity, search for the term “Ecommerce Landscape” in Google Image. The simplest image had at least 10 fields, with multiple recommended players. Now to be good at one specialty takes a lot of effort, and to and to be good in all niches single handedly is very difficult to me.

One of our members started a new company in Ecommerce. She purchased from local source and subsequently directly from china. She listed the products in popular marketplaces like Lazada or 11th street. She started to developed good insights for product selection, supplier list, and some skill sets in product listing. Now she wanted to improve her sales by having more marketing through social media marketing or webstore sales which require different skill sets. At the moment, she find it very hard to do above after allocating most of her time in above initial setup.

But then who had that experience in the company? Hiring an expert will be very expensive, and having say that, which expert will want to be employed in a small business with uncertain future. Now then if she we try to hire newbies, who is there to teach? Even if you want to learn it yourself again, there are those existing workload and customer inquiry to attend and packages to be delivered. How can I help her with this issue?

First thought is to seek more knowledge and help from the eCommerce communities online. After contacting some service provider, I started to notice one thing in common. The service provider claimed that they are the expert in their field such as SEO, and they will help me grow my business with minimal cost. However cost is relative, whereby for a startup, the minimal cost will be significant cost to a startup!. A SEO services can run up to thousands or tens of thousands. Do you know how many she need to sell and pack just to earn back the money? Herr competitiveness will be eroded also and sales were affected. But then when it was too cheap, things started to be scary as he claimed that he had done it, but you can’t see it.

Why? Most of this service provider, thru their best effort needs to survive also base on their scope of services. Thus it is natural for them to aim for highest profitability, as all business wants it. But one key ingredient is missing; they are expert in their field only, as so do us. The SEO expert knows how to increase your website rankings but usually don’t know much about product development, sourcing and etc. Then this is when I started to have more fun with the service provider, SP.

Me: Hey since you are good in SEO, why don’t you buy and sell yourself? Surely your product will have higher exposure with your skill set?

SP: ERR, We focus on our expertise to help sellers like you to gain maximum profit.

Me: Well if you believe in your skill set, then there should be even no problem to buy yourself right, as now my maximum profit become your maximum profit.

SP: Err, we are not buying product and selling ourselves.

ME: Now it sounds like I am convincing you to expand out from SEO, such as you are trying to convince me to expand out from just buying and selling on marketplaces right? Isn’t it ironic that you wanted me to move out of my comfort zone with minimal cost for maximum profit and yet you disapprove yourself moving out of your comfort zone?

SP: Sir, are you serious (red face)?

ME: Haha, I had never been this serious. And there is one logic solution I can see now. I share my resources and skill sets on sourcing and selling on marketplace, and you share you skill sets on Digital marketing, and we share the results together, rather than we paid you a significant sum of money and hope for the best.

How about that on sharing? And this is what the KK Ecommerce community is about. We are not a Get Rich Entrepreneur program. We want to connect and engage with Ipoh people and communities to come together and be stronger and better. Isn’t it a good case for different field expert to come together to share our stronghold and cover our weakness? This is because for Startups or SME, we can’t be good in everything. However if we can come together as a team, then we can cover each other weakness, and use each other expertise to compete with big brands and international companies together. If you are new and had no expertise, it is OK, you can share more of your time! or MONEY. hehe

In Order to Win, We must Share. We must build our team with passionate entrepreneur with different expertise.

Still is it is so hard to share and cooperate and I will further explain more – In Sharing is Hard - Part 3.

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