Employment Is Equal to Entrepreneur

Since I started involving in Ecommerce, many people seek me opinion on leaving their jobs to become an entrepreneur, starting new online business. It seems they were in awe of more promising and more glamorous future. They wanted to be the one who dare to risk it all and do what he wanted to do. It sounds so romantic. Well, even the internet now are full of advertisement portraying a hero start working full time, without any free time for families, stressed, and then took the plunge, joins a fail-safe entrepreneur programs and now become so successful that business continue to print money for them without doing much. In truth, we were not short of successful examples of entrepreneurship at its best, when international conglomerates buying of startups or small size companies with obscene amount of dollars.

First, I had to be honest. I won’t be able to show you how to build a startup which will earn you millions and billions in years to come, because if I know, why won’t I be the hero myself? And the next reminder was that that out of the 1 successful story, there is 99 fail stories behind it. Nobody will want to highlight or read the failed startup and the broken heart which went silently into the night.

Now if you are thinking next I will be talking what it takes to be successful, there are many blogs in the web, just check it out. Here I want to let you know, it is not a wrong decision not to be an entrepreneur. It is just a matter of choice, and let’s not glorifies the decision in becoming an entrepreneur. Both of my parents were dedicated teacher, and their influence and benefits to the society is more powerful than me. I had full respect to all non-entrepreneurs in the world, as they play a very important role also in the world!

Secondly it is not wrong to have a steady employment. Unless the government or company winds up, the chances of you being fired is actually very small. Yes, there were companies which let go people, but the percentage in fact was small. I always felt that those inspiring entrepreneur blog had overblown the negative image of employment and oversell the entrepreneur advantages to motivate you to join the bandwagon. Again it was not wrong in asking for a steady and stable job. No one had the right to ridicule or taunt you that you are not brave enough. It takes a lot of sacrifice to continue serving the community in permanent employment such as teacher, accountant clerk and Fireman. At least they deserved some respect!

Then some of them will start talking about how bad their company was, how unreasonable their bosses were, the office politics and the insecurity in workplace friendship, which further motivated them to become entrepreneur. Now this is where things get more serious and I am risk of being SLAP. I will then ask, You sounds like you want to become an entrepreneur because you want to run away from your problems and challenges in your work?” This sounds harsh, but better to be strong now to give false hope. You wont want to be running for the rest of your life.

It is nothing but the truth. If you felt that your company is a bad place, the market outside is more cruel and competitive. If you were angry that your boss is a unreasonable person, your customers will be even more demanding keep asking for more. If you thought that you had not earn enough for all your hard work, you had not experienced that dreadful days and nights of working so hard in bringing a product to the market, yet nobody wanted to buy from you and you had no income absolutely. If you believed your colleagues was fake, you had not work with supplier and service provider which was trying their best to get all the profit for themselves. If you complained on office politics, it is human nature to have politics and jungle politics were far worse. If you found boot licking was a spiteful action, in MBA it is known as stakeholder management.

Face your problem, fear and issue in your employment and resolve it! Don't use entrepreneurship as a reason for you to run!

Now at this point, a small number of people will look into my eyes calmly, and tell me that they were in peace of their decision. They were fully aware that they had higher percentage of failing, the work hours will be going to be crazy, and they will never have the comfort of steady income until they achieve something. Yet they are exhilarated in the whole experience, and they felt that they really had live. They will felt that at least some of the emptiness inside the soul is filled. Then sorry bro/sis, you have no hope of coming back. You had become a misfit for employment and we welcome you to the KK Ecommerce community, whereby we will cry, laugh and sing together, whatever the outcome.

At the end, we really live, in a different way, but non-better than a full employment guy. And I sincerely believe, such humility will help us in the future.

Lastly, We will not go silently into the night.

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