IPOH is the Best Location for Ecommerce!

Ipoh is without question, in my opinion, best place in Malaysia to start and grow Ecommerce business. Below are the reasons.

Normally, when I shared with my friends and colleagues previously that I planned to go back to Ipoh, not mostly, but all will remark: - “Wah Goodla! Earn enough already. Can Retire in Ipoh loh”. Well, you can’t blame them. Even http://www.thesundaily.my/news/1027992 had named Ipoh as one of the nine best place to retire in the whole world.

Seldom Ipoh is portrayed as a vibrant and attractive place for new ideas generation or entrepreneurship. Most of my friends market their expertise outside of Ipoh. The reasons provided are lack of opportunities and the paid is not competitive. In fact our “Menteri Besar” had to explain hard when Perak had been named the second-poorest state in the country after a government agency, claimed that 81.1% of households in the state earned less than the national average of RM6,000 per month

He argued that we should look at the the cost of living also. In my opinion that is true. The most expensive purchase of a normal person is the house and in comparison, a gated and guarded semi-detach is comparable to a medium price condominium in Kuala Lumpur or Penang. Don’t believe, refer my friend blogger at www.kopiandproperty.com, which came from Ipoh as well. The second highest expense will be for transportation. It is seldom for us to had bad traffic jam or to pay any toll in Ipoh! In contrast, Malaysia Economic Monitor reported that KL jam cost Malaysia RM10bil to RM20bil annually, with one million wasted hours per day. I rather drive in a Nissan and reach my office in 5 minutes, then to drive a Mercedes and lock in traffic jam for 2 hours. Third is health care cost. Due to the better living environment, fresher air and continuous supply of good water from nearby mountains, Ipoh citizens should had lower medical cost to pay due to good health. Health is everything.

Now back to business, Low Cost is definitely what an investor wants to hear as it is important for a successful business. Ipoh has much significant lower rental, operation and human resource cost. But low human resource cost doesn’t have to mean low quality. Ipoh had a lot of good school such as SMK Sam Tet, SMK Ave Maria and the famous STAR College and these school usually score highest performances in the country. We had Petronas University and TAR University nearby producing good quality of human resource. Seriously, I had worked with a number of graduates in Ipoh, and they don’t have the issue of language barrier and incompetence as reported in the media, for all races. In fact they are even better than me in some area such as sensitivity to social media. Additionally we save a lot of time by arriving in the offices almost without traffic jam, and with 100% readiness. This allow us to reach daily optimum productivity . There is much hidden savings doing Ecommerce in Ipoh!easily

The second part for a successful business is markets availibility. Due to the current income level of Ipoh, the domestic consumption definitely is limited. However this is not applicable to Ecommerce Industry. Ecommerce is known to be borderless. The Markets is Out of Ipoh. Dont just Sell in Ipoh! Thus please now imagine, isn’t it a fairy tale that you can earn Kuala Lumpur income or even better UK/US income, but with Ipoh cost and living standard. This is happening for Ecommerce in Ipoh. You sell to customer in KL, UK and US, but pay the cost of Ipoh. I had now, clients which had operation in Ipoh selling cross border in UK and US market. I don’t need to elaborate further on how much they gain on MYR weakness and paying only 1/6 of the cost compare to their competitor which run the business in UK/US. They are laughing to the bank! EARN MORE PAY LESS! Additionally you had accessibility to both Penang and KL resources, which is only 2 hours’ drive both ways, supported by high speed highway and electric trains.

Thus to my friends, I am not RETIRING in Ipoh. This is a Sound Strategy Investment Decision to do Ecommerce in Ipoh. And if you are currently in career crisis and directionless, come back to Ipoh. I am here for you. If you don’t know about Ecommerce, just come to KK Ecommerce!

I had a dream. I dream of a highly Competitive, Innovative, and Creative Ecommerce team in Ipoh, whereby all Ipoh Ecommerce Players, regardless of races and ages, bind together to create a name for ourselves. The competition is not in between us, dear brothers and sisters. It is us against the harsh competitive world outside.

Lastly, Ipoh Mali Takla Sombong!

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