University of Strathclyde MBA

The third article, I will like to pay my tribute to University of Strathclyde and the good people in CDC Malaysia.

I completed my MBA there, and my final thesis was on Consumer Behavior in Mobile Ecommerce. Before I go further, I assure you, that I have not been ask to do this, or earn any $$. It is really just out of my sincere gratitude to them.

Now, when I was interested in taking a MBA, I asked Google God. There were strong opinions on both side. The side which opposed MBA claimed that MBA is less relevant now. You better spend your time doing real business and learn from the masters. Heck you can even get you MBA online if you want it. Sincerely I don’t even remember why I signed up in the first place… What come to my mind that day? This must be an impulse buying for hedonistic value – "I have a MBA and you don’t. Yeah Yeah".

Any Regrets? 100% NO!

In my whole life of education, nothing impacts me more than Strathclyde MBA. In fact, I almost forget all the things I learn in my Computer Engineering degree. One is because it is obsolete now. Second I gave up after 2 years looking at codes and testing prototypes. It is just not for me.

But after 3 year graduating from MBA, in every aspect of my life, I can still reflect my MBA learning with whatever I do, and appreciate the hidden beauty in a heighten awareness of whats happening around. I just felt that my MBA studies had not finished, that I am just continuing doing it after I graduate. How crazy is that! But it is true, and I couldn't explain it better.

During the MBA, we like to scare newcomers, after you join Strathclyde MBA, you can forget personal life, you can forget watching Korean drama. Hehe. There is no need for you to watch Koran drama. So many MBA drama. After the first assignment, I was asked to leave a group because my styles did not suit them. Totally understand because I am the creative one, on the borderline of crazy. However the head of that group left Strathclyde MBA just 1 month later, because he had “Better Venture”. Good Luck Man. In another group, members take up the drama to next level, complaining at each other and refused to progress on the assignment. At the end I had to inform my members, that I am really not interested to star in a drama, and it was not for me to judge, so with or without you all, I will complete this assignment. Surprisingly, this pull the team together, and we got distinction for the subject and asked to share our experience with new batch of student. Some like to be in the same group for most assignment. I changed my group for every subject, just to enjoy the drama. Please don't follow if you like to have comfort in working with people you work together before and know well.

Strathclyde also send their Distinguished Lectures from Glasgow to Malaysia for ALL SUBJECTS, combining with Malaysia tutor which was vetted to have relevant field knowledge. Guys, this is really value for money. You can be with your family, your career and yet enjoyed the full Strathclyde Experience in a compressed mode. Heck, second year of my MBA, I even resigned from my previous company when I am top in sales performance, just to enjoy it. My previous boss couldn’t believe that I turn down the huge raise for a MBA.

Why I decided to resign? It is the moment of truth in my late night self-reflection. If I am willing to pay thousands, and work till 5 am for it, which was far more than what I do in my job, and sarcastically get paid well for it, than there is no hope for me. I had fallen in love with Strathclyde MBA. When you felt in love, rationality failed and you pursued it with all you heart. All those getting back your investment, get a promotion after graduating went out of the window. Strathclyde MBA was that good. (Too much selling in the wrong angle, perhaps).

After I graduate, I didn’t get the promotion or fat paid job. I got restless. I felt that I had become obsolete for not knowing about Ecommerce. Without hesitation, I approached an Ecommerce Company, and told the boss, I just want to be in Ecommerce. Pay me anything! He took me in, impressed by the Strathclyde MBA. But lets not talk about the pay as it is embarrassing. In a short period of 12 months, the revenue and the profit of the company grew more than 300%! I did it because I learned about marketing, accounting, finance, stakeholder management, blah blah and most importantly the habit of critically analyzing issue in various perspectives and how to use correct strategy to resolve it and always self reflect and be better. My boss ask, how can you know everything? Of course the answer is - with Strathclyde MBA.


Now after all above, I wanted to share with you a secret. Why I resigned and persisted to finish my MBA? Because my wife said, if you wasted so much money and you didn’t complete it, for the rest of your life, I will laugh at you on this, and you lost your right to complain when I buy expensive clothes.

That is the moment of truth. Hehe.

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