I had the tendency of doing crazy and out of the line actions. One of the craziest action I had done, is went to Port Harcourt, in Nigeria, just one week after a British was kidnapped and widely reported in the media. I had the whole 5 star Hotel to myself, with the General Manager serving me. Guess he was curious to see who is so mess up in mind to come to PH at this time.

Why I went there? I was setting up the Service Network in Nigeria for the most popular mobile phone brand (Finnish) back then. I felt that if I had good intention to share my knowledge to locals so that they can help their own people in getting the services, let no harm come to me. I don’t even dare tell my wife. Guess I fear my wife more than the kidnappers. See, it is so HARD TO SHARE.

During my friends meet up, of course they want to ‘sibuk-sibuk’ (know) what I do. When I share the good intention I had in Nigeria, I thought I will get praise and they will be proud of having friends like me. How wrong I am…. With disbelief, they say don’t bullshXXX. Don’t pretendla. How many girls you slept with? How much blood diamond, firearm you smuggled? You must retire filthy rich now. IT'S SO HARD BECAUSE PEOPLE DON'T BELIEVE

Then with a serious face, I said. Ya. you are right. Actually when people fear Nigerian scammers as they assumed they are ruthless, I am worse. I go and scammed Nigerian. I got “Jalan” and “Connection” to get blood diamonds and AK47 to import and export. You want dirt cheap diamonds; I can give you a super special price. Fuyoh! most of them praise me, and thought they strike Jackpot and want to bank in to my account immediately to be part of it.


Just like those recent Malaysia money games highlighted on media recently. So many continue to believe that they had strike the Jackpot, that they had found the way to earn money Fast without effort! Or they know it, and they take the easy way. It is EASY TO CHEAT

In Ecommerce, it is EASY TO CHEAT ALSO! Even in social media, the most advertised advertisement is those pitching that they have found the correct secret formula, you can just relax in home, or go holiday always and spent very little time, and you will be loaded with cash and there is Lamborghini waiting for you at home.

Please for goodness sake. DON’T BELIEVE IT!

In KK Ecommerce, We don’t cheat people here which are too easy for us. We like to do the hard thing here. PLEASE BELIEVE! when we are trying to do something good.


and that is our MISSION STATEMENT!

Why? It will be in Part 2 - Keep in tune.

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