Name a Business thru A Normal Entrepreneur Way

How do startups name their business? I meant not for those rich startups which have tons of money to back up their business. It’s for those normal people, which is working full time and constantly having not enough, starting some thing on their own thru their hard earned savings, which normally is really limited.

Now I guess first is to ask the Google God. I did, and the first website on the top page recommend enlisting ‘expert’ to help you name your company and the pitch is that spending a reasonable amount of money early for quality expert advice can save you money in the long term. I meant, really? With BARELY ENOUGH MONEY TO SURVIVE, I had to pay an expert for naming my business. This god is not aware of my desperate situation.

Then next come the websites which warn you with top 10 reasons of why startups name their business wrongly, and you most look at a checklist and use ‘few months’ to how to name the business. If you fail to do it, it will mess up your business all along the way. Hey, Didn’t I say that I am working full time now, with a demanding wife and two kids! I DON't EVEN HAVE TIME FOR SEX! And thanks for the pessimism that if I suck at this, I had failed my business before even I start something.

So I had to back to my COMMON SENSE AND STARTING POINT. Why I want to setup this community at the first place? I want to share our experience and cooperate with other Ecommerce Entrepreneur in Ipoh ! But too bad, the keyword ‘We Share’ has been taken. But hey! we have our own identity. How about ‘Kita Kongsi’. Only Malaysian understands this, but takpelah, we don’t need the whole world to know about it.

I thought I found my soul name Share with my friends and family and BAM! Your name sucks. You think you are setting a new Kongsi Gelap ah? What kita kongsi? Kongsi sperm? Then suggest add ecommerce at the end - What is this gibberish Goto SSM to check to register this name also gets kick out by the officer. So DO ASK your Friend and Family! As your dream name is a dream to yourself only but nonsense to others.

At the end somebody suggest – why not just KK Ecommerce? If people ask what is KK, I can explain Kow Kow lah. Yes it is not perfect. People still won’t know what we are doing just by the name itself. Yes people won’t know if we are in SEO, Facebook or Lazada. Yes it sounds like other KK company outside. But it is SIMPLE! and people know it is something to do with ECOMMERCE!

But then I am at peace now and so are my friends. Let’s just start with this hard to get ‘KK Ecommerce’. If 12 months down the road, we need to change, we talk later. Now let’s get the ball rolling. DON'T WORRY TOO MUCH. I sincerely believe people will win with their effort and ideas, rather than name. I will let u know later if I found that I am wrong in this opinion.

So you have other better names? Or opinion? Let me know! Please Please Please.

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