Training From Industry Expert

    This is for those who like to learn and do things on our own. We encouraged that! In fact, if time is not a factor, it is good for entrepreneurs to learn the eCommerce skillsets and applied directly to their business.


    Even if you had no time and you need to engage third-party service provider, it is good for you to know at least the core knowledge in each field. It will help you greatly in communicating effectively with the service provider, to deliver what you want realistically. Additionally, this will help you make a better decision and not taken advantage by the service provider. 


     We know it is costly and time consuming to travel to Kuala Lumpur and Penang to attend training. And imagine if the training was actually some money game or subscription sales event! 


     KK eCommerce is involved extensively in Malaysia eCommerce Industry. In fact on 1st June 2018, we organize an eBay event in Ipoh. We invited experts from MDEC, ecInsider, LWE and UOB bank to provide great information for our guests at this event!


    We will continue to conduct classes, workshops and invite Industry Experts with credibility to our events. Rest assured,  our events will be full of knowledge and you will not return home disappointed.