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Cash Flow & Inventory Management with Excel

82% of business failures are due to cash flow problems! 😫

1. There are sales, but often there is not enough money to buy the goods. 😫😫

2. There are a lot of unsellable goods, it seems that the goods are being cleared, but there are more and more unsellable goods. 😞😞

3. There are always shortages of good selling SKUs! 😰😰

4. I don't know the cost of goods sold, the profit before operation, but I just feel that the money is always not enough    

If you have this kind of problem now, it is very likely a symptom of poor cash flow management.         

Effective and Efficient

We experienced this many times with the businesses we helped and trained. To solve this we developed a solutions with Excel to solve this effectively and Efficiently.

This Excel Solutions enable Students to:

1. Create financial dashboard to analyze account health in 10 minutes. Overall financial status of a company can be known effectively


2. Create a Procurement Dashboard which provide the critical data needed for making the correct purchasing decision. Reduce the possibility of buying unprofitable SKUs and increasing unsellable SKs inventories.


3. Automatically categorize and continuously monitor inventory to ensure purchases made is able to contribute to the profitability of the business and maximizing capital invested.

With the skillsets learned, it is forever free and flexible for different marketplaces as well.

For more detail of the class, please visit our blog about this solution.

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Strongly Recommended by Critical Lazada Experts

You are not the first one to join this knowledge sharing class.


Lazada experts locally all over Malaysia and Singapore had attended the class and strongly recommend this class.

All of them had encouraged us to continue to share this knowledge because it is much needed by Ecommerce Sellers for a profitable and sustainable business. The class content is unique and not found in Lazada University or other classes.  


In fact, as we strongly believe that you should attend this class. we offered this to all our students.

If you are not happy with the class, we will fully refund. Lets just be friend.

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