June 22, 2018

     Apologize for the break in blogging from the last blog. In between, we celebrate Hari Raya holiday, and I need to make few critical decisions on how we move forward.


     It all started when Bryan from eBay gave me a call on 14th May. He just sa...

July 14, 2017

     我很幸运是 KK ECOMMERCE 创业社区第一个用户,目前专注 Online Marketplaces 这一块。之前 Kitakongsi 跟我说不论感觉是好或坏,三十天后替他写一篇关于在这个里的感想。我二话不说就答应了,但后来实在很忙,又厚脸皮地拖了大半个月的时间。但在说这些之前,我想先说一下我之前九个月在创业路上的一些经历和小感想。KK ECOMMERCE 

     我之前是在一间做欧美市场的 Ecommerce (电子商务,简称电商)公司上班,我是负责搜罗不同的新品,在中国...

June 28, 2017

     Sharing is so hard nowadays that when I approached a person telling him that I want to share, the first expression on their face is normally disbelief, and mostly showed heightened suspicious. You can’t blame them as currently the media is hot with the Money Game...

May 23, 2017


     Since I started involving in Ecommerce, many people seek me opinion on leaving their jobs to become an entrepreneur, starting new online business. It seems they were in awe of more promising and more glamorous future. They wanted to be the one who d...

May 17, 2017

     Guys, kitakongsi (owner of this blog) had asked me to write a blog repeatedly, and I had to do it to get him of my back. Brief introduction, I am a Ipoh guy, currently had a business in Ipoh supplying building materials to contractors.


May 9, 2017


     Ipoh is without question, in my opinion, best place in Malaysia to start and grow Ecommerce business. Below are the reasons. 

     Normally, when I shared with my friends and colleagues previously that I planned to go back to Ipoh...

May 6, 2017

Genuine Strathclyde MBA experience

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September 29, 2018

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