July 31, 2017

Previous posting in Facebook, reader had feedback that the resolution is very low and hard to view. Guess I still had much to learn about doing it in facebook. Attach infographics in clearer view. Enjoy!

July 14, 2017

     我很幸运是 KK ECOMMERCE 创业社区第一个用户,目前专注 Online Marketplaces 这一块。之前 Kitakongsi 跟我说不论感觉是好或坏,三十天后替他写一篇关于在这个里的感想。我二话不说就答应了,但后来实在很忙,又厚脸皮地拖了大半个月的时间。但在说这些之前,我想先说一下我之前九个月在创业路上的一些经历和小感想。KK ECOMMERCE 

     我之前是在一间做欧美市场的 Ecommerce (电子商务,简称电商)公司上班,我是负责搜罗不同的新品,在中国...

July 9, 2017

    Drop Ship (DS) is another hot topic in Ecommerce. I will like to share how we did it differently by challenging the usual way it is done. 

     Here I will not explain further as there are a lot of god articles in Google God if you ask him. One of the examples...

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